Security Settings

Account Security

Setting User Preferences

The following information will walk you through allowing members & users access to your user profile and online handicap report.

From the home page, after logging on, click SETTINGS shown at the top of any page.

This will take you into your profile:

From the Site Settings screen (shown above) you can allow or restrict access to your profile. There are 4 options:

1. Site only: members can view your profile and connect with you
2. Public profile: public access to non members is available for your profile.
3. Friends only: only your golf buddies can view your profile.
4. Private: no one can view your profile or find you via a search.

By choosing a Public Profile or Site Only profile other users and members will be able to search for you from the quick search facility within the banner and view your online profile as well as sending you PM (private messages) via the system.

By choosing a "Private" profile, buddies and friends will not be able to connect with you or authenticate your rounds even if you send them a request.

You can give members of access to view your handicap and quick round stats using the drop down menus.

Data protection

The information is privately held by and is not available publicly to any companies or users.

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