Managed Accounts

What is a Managed Account

A Managed Account is for those members of your Group, Society or Friends that do not wish to login to themselves or do not have access to a computer or e-mail account. These accounts are controlled and administered by the group administrator.

These accounts are still fully functional and are part of your group. You can add them to a competition, add individual rounds, maintain a handicap, upload player photos and descriptions and compare stats.

How to set up a Managed Account

To set up a new Managed Account please click here . You will need to enter the details of the person and then click submit.

Please click here to view your managed accounts. From here you are able to add rounds for your managed account, view the users profile, edit the user's details, delete the user, view their rounds and handicap certificate and recalculate their handicap.

How to add rounds for a managed account

Start by adding a round as you would normally by clicking here. Choose the scorecard you are adding your round against and click on "Add Round". On the scorecard you will see your name (shown as Helen Bailey below), click on the down arrow to the right of your name and your list of managed accounts will drop down. Click on the name you want to add the round for and continue to fill in the scorecard as you would your own and click submit.

How to delete a round for a managed account

Click here to view all your managed accounts. Click on the member maintenance button of the member you need to delete a round for. 

This will lead you to the screen where you can re-calculate their handicap (needed once you delete the round) or manually adjust their handicap:

Click on View users rounds shown in the rectangular red box above.

Tick the first box and then the Del box. Go back into the managed account (shown above and recalculate their handicap.

How to convert a Managed Account to a full account

To convert a Managed Account to a full member account your group member will need a current e-mail address.

To convert their account to a full account go into your Society page, click on Admin and then Group Member Management and then Group Managed Accounts This will bring up a list of all those members in your society whose account is managed by you. Click on the User Maintenance Icon for the person you want to upgrade and click on "Convert to full account"..

Within this screen enter their e-mail address and an e-mail will be sent direct to your group member to inform them that you have changed their account. Click on "Convert and Send e-mail now" to complete the process.

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