How to change your handicap

The Handicap tools below will help you adjust your handicap:

Recalculate your Handicap

To calculate your initial handicap we will use either your starting handicap at signup or the average of your first 3 rounds.

If at any point you need to delete rounds or clean up your statistics please click here. Any manual adjustments you have made to your handicap will be finalised by using this tool.

This option only needs to be run if you have modified or deleted rounds that have previously been used for tracking your handicap or your handicap was calculated out of date order. Use this option to finish deleting a round.

Manually Adjust your Handicap

This can be used if you have not previously entered your starting handicap. Any rounds added after adjusting your handicap will use the new handicap (this can be useful to match to your club handicap). Once you set a season handicap you may need to recalculate your handicap as mentioned above. Please click here to start .

Change your starting handicap

This is done from the Recalculate Handicap page.


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