Features of Our Society services

Core Features

The Golfshake service will allow you to run your own mini group, run a golf a society or league for 4 to 100+ people or use it to find societies to join. Features include:

  • Run/manage your group, society or league online
    • from 4 to 100+ members
    • Group logo and description
    • Dynamic home page showing latest information from your group
  • Golf handicaps, scoring & stats
    • Track the golf handicaps for all your group members or just your mates
    • Access single area for scores, handicaps, updates
    • virtual leaderboard providing group member stats analysis
  • Manage your members online
    • Run accounts for non Golfshake members
    • Maintain handicaps & scores online
    • Member list and information
    • Member report and stats overview
    • Member golf handicap & stats report in PDF format
    • User comparison analysis (upto 4 players)
    • Virtual leaderboard (based on points, FIR, GIR, putts)
  • Event & Competition management
    • Manage your group games online
    • Set groups and tee times
    • Run events with multiple tee options for mixed events
    • Quick and simple scoring interface
    • Pre and post event PDF reports for tee time and groups plus final results
    • Option to download CSV score backup
    • Full results including full hole score breakdown,shots / points breakdown for each player
    • Additional event analysis, best holes, hole difficultities, player stats ie par avgs etc
  • Leader boards for events
    • Create leader boards for the season, tours or mini leagues
    • Multiple leaderboard scoring options including stableford points total or average
    • Leaderboard flexibility to allow best x of x events
  • Social features
    • Post news update
    • Access private message boards and forums
    • Create a public mini site for you society (read only access which can also be password protected)
    • Contact all Golfshake members via the inbuilt private message system
    • Private group message board
    • Group news and blog
    • Group image uploads
    • Group video uploads
  • Group customisation & administration
    • Each group gets it's own mini site
    • upload group logo and custom group site header
    • Assign multiple group administrator

Current System Limitations

  • Only administrators can add members to private societies
  • Only the member who creates the event can administrator (option will be updated)
  • Players can only be added to the event that are in the group
  • The maximum competitors per event is 80
  • Group members automatically allow the administrator to add group competition rounds for them
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