Add members to your Group

Adding members to a golf group or society

There are 2 options for golfers to be members of your groups and 3 ways to add them to your golf group or society.

Online Managed are accounts you create from the admin section and you fully control and maintain. 'Managed' accounts are virtual accounts that don't log in to Golfshake but allow you to maintain and track scores and handicaps for.


View All Members link will show all current members of your group.  The small icon denotes 'online managed' accounts.

Search Players allows you to search for existing members and add them to your golf group. From here you can also accept requests to join your group.

Invite Friends option will allow you to send an email to your golf buddies who are not already members of Golfshake. Once they join the site they will automatically be added to your golf buddies and your golf group and you will receive notification.


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