Managing Society Managed Accounts

Management of Handicaps for 'online managed' accounts

The screen shots below show how you can apply manual handicap adjustments after each round. If you tracked the events online you could then get the full scores, leaderboard, results etc and then use this to decide on your handicap adjustment.

To make handicap adjustments click on the Maintenance Icon, shown below:
Admin > Group Members > Online Managed > Maintenance Icon

Group accounts handicap management

Once in the Maintenance section you can recalculate the managed members handicap or adjust it. Please click here for further information about our Handicap Tools

group account managed & maintain golf handicapConverting an 'online managed' account to a full account

To convert an existing 'online managed' account to a full account that can login and access Golfshake and the full functionality of the site as well as continuing to be part of the group then you are able to convert the account.

Admin > Group Members > Online Managed > Maintenance Icon (cog) > Convert to full account

This will allow you convert the account sending an email and user details to the member.

Convert managed account

Transfering an 'online managed' account to your group

If you have created an individual 'online managed' account outside of your group then you can transfer them into your group via settings options.

Admin > Settings > Transfer Managed  - this will list your managed accounts who do not have access to the group

Convert managed account


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