Group Settings

The settings options in your Group mini site enable you to update, amend and add information to your site:

Group access options

Group/Home Page - Only the group Administrator(s) can add or update the Society home page.

To do this login to the group account: Admin > Settings > Group/Home Page

Group home page options


Site Layout - allows you to choose which sections you would like to show within your mini site and the order in which they appear:

To update and access:  Admin > Settings > Site Layout

Group access options

Access Options - The following options are available:

  1. Site Public - allows any existing golfshake member to join your group
  2. Auto Approve Group Requests - Administrators have to accept members of to join the group
  3. Public Access - allows anyone who is or is not a member of to join your group.

To update and access:  Admin > Settings > Access Options 

Group Admins - help you add or amend the administrators of your society

Transfer Managed - enables you to change a managed account to a full account. This enables the member to add and amend their own details.

Delete Group - This is irreversible and all data and information will be deleted from our system. Only administrators who created the group can delete.

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