Add a Round

Add a Round

The following information will walk you through adding a new round or view the video here:

Step 1

From the home page click on +Round


Step 2

Select a new scorecard from the Search for Golf Course option or from your saved favourite courses.

Step 3

If you use the tee search or the course information page start typing the course name and the system will find the course on the system for you. If the course is not currently on the system please contact us at with the name of the course and a postal address.

If any of the tee data is incorrect please either contact us at or add a new tee with the correct tee data by searching for your course and going through the steps here.

Step 4

Next you must select the score card to use from those in the system already.  You are given an option to add a new score card if one does not exist.  Click on "Add Round" next to the correct Tee:

You can also select a score card direct from the courses information page.

Step 5

Enter the details of your round by selecting the date, weather & notes. For groups, managed accounts and societies you can change the name of the person you are adding the scores for, by clicking on the black drop down arrow to the right of the Player A box, highlighted below.
You can change the stroke allowance (Strokes) for the round. This is used to calculate your stableford points but doesn't have any affect on your handicap.

If you wish to use the round for handicap tracking then select the last checkbox, highlighted below. Once complete submit the form and if you are a premium, platinum or currently have the premium trial* you can go on to enter any additional statistics.

* To try the premium account for 10 days, please email us at with your membership number and/or username.

You can ask your buddies to authenticate your round by clicking on the " Click to have this round authenticated. This can only be done by a member of your team that were playing with you on the day.

Step 6

Once you have added your round details you can then do one of three things.

  • Add advanced stats (this section is only available to Premium and Platinum members - shown below)
  • Review the course
  • View your stats 

You can either skip the advanced stats section or add your advanced stats and click submit. This will then take you through to adding a review for the course. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for information on what can and cannot be included in a course review.




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  • Avatar
    Joe Portelli

    how do i get to the home page so i can start adding my rounds

  • Avatar
    Stephen Jenkins

    How do I record non scoring holes?

  • Avatar
    Darren Ramowski

    @Joe - Login and access 'My Game' from there simply click the +Round to get started

  • Avatar
    Darren Ramowski

    @Stephen - simply enter * or n which will allow you to add an NR for any hole

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