Stableford Points Scoring

The system currently calculates UK stableford points for all rounds played. This includes all international courses and 9 hole courses.

The following are the details of the UK stableford scoring system :

The system works on an handicap basis so players of varying handicap levels can compete against each other on an equal par. Extra shots/strokes are added to holes based on the SI (Stroke Index) for each hole and the players handicap.

For example a player with a golf handicap of 28 would get 2 extra shots on the 10 hardest holes definded by the SI and one shot for each of the remaining 8. If they played against another player with a golf handicap of 15 this player would get 1 shot only on the 15 hardest holes.

An hole of SI 15 for either of the above would give them both 1 additional shot. Therefore a score of 5 after deducting the extra shot would equate to a net par which would be 2 stableford points based on the following scoring system :


  British Stableford Classic Stableford
Triple Eagle + 6 pts -
Double Eagle 5 pts 8 pts
Eagle 4 pts 5 pts
Birdie 3 pts 2 pts
Par 2 pts 0 pts
Bogey 1 pts -1 pts
Double Bogey + 0 pts -2 pts


If a player played exactly to their golf handicap then the points total should be 36.

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