Authenticate a Friends Round

You can now get your buddies to approve and authenticate your rounds. This adds additional validity to your handicap and allows your rounds to be entered into any Events that are run on the site.

Requesting Authentication

The 'Add Round' system allows for an additional step when adding your scorecard. Simply tick the box shown below (Click to have this round authenticated).

When ticked you will automatically be taken through to the screen below. Select an existing buddy, or request a friend not currently using the site to authenticate your round, and the system will send them notification to approve your round automatically.

Authenticate round request not received

If your buddy does not receive / cannot view your authentication request this is because your Privacy settings are set to Private. Please check your privacy settings and amend them to" friends only" or "site only".

Viewing Status of Round

You can view the rounds still requiring authentication using this link or view the rounds that you need to authenticate for your buddies here

Showing the Status

The round overview page shows the buddies you have requested to authenticate your round and the status. 

Authenticating a Round already added into the system

Simple view your round, click the 'Authenticate Rounds' icon and select the link at the bottom to send an authentication request.  You can do this for any rounds already in the system or ask further buddies to approve your rounds.

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