Adding a 9 Hole Scorecard

To Add the front or back nine holes for a course, go to your course and at the bottom of all the courses scorecards click on the link "To submit a new scorecard click here". This will bring up a blank 18 hole card but, name the hole "Yellow F9" or similar to differentiate it from other tees. Make sure in the number of holes box you enter 9.

Enter the yards and Par as normal.
For the Stroke Indices, divide each number by 2 and round up, this will give you the order in 1 - 9 rather than 1 - 18.

Leave the SSS blank or add zero, as the round cannot be used towards your handicap calculation, as it is not a complete round. However your statstics from the round will be used and saved.

If you need any help adding a 9 hole card, please email the information to us at and we can add it for you.

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