How to search for and invite registered Golfshake members to connect with you.

Using the quick search bar at the top of most pages enter your Buddies surname and change the drop down menu in the second box to Users. Once you have found your buddy you can either send them a private message, invite them to connect with you or view their golfing information.

Alternatively you can go to the Friends section and use the search facilities to search for a user by county and surname.

If you would like to find a new buddy to play golf with and is already member of  you can search all those who play within a certain handicap range, by gender by county (location) and also by the prefered times you and they would like to play golf.

N.B. If you are unable to view a buddies profile it means that they have not put their settings to Public, Friends only or Site Only and you will be unable to invite them to become your Buddy. Ask them to go into the Settings option at the very top of any page and change your Private Profile to Public.

How to invite non-Golfshake members as your buddy

To invite your friends who are not yet members please click here .
You will need to know their first name, surname and e-mail address.

If your friends do not have an e-mail address you can set up a managed account for them. Please click here to view the help guide on how to set up a managed account

How to connect to your buddies

Once you receive a request to join your buddies you will need to accept their request. Click here to view requests from members to join them as a buddy. You can either connect with them or decline their invitation.

How to Delete a buddy

View your list of buddies here. and click on the icon.

How to add a buddies round

Within Score tracker click on Add a Round. Choose the scorecard you have recently played with your buddy and next to Player A on the scorecard there is a drop down box where you can select your buddy.

How to compare your buddies Stats

Click here to start comparing your buddies stats.

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