Creating a New Group

The golf group and society system allows you to run your golf society online maintaining handicaps for all society members, running events and competitions including yearly leaderboards, comparing stats amongst society golfers and much more.

The following information will walk you through creating and using the society feature.

Step 1

To create a new group or society, login and access the Groups section. From here you can use the central link to access the new group wizard for creating your golf society online.


Step 2

You are then able to enter the information about your golf society including name, logo, location and welcome message for your society.

Once complete you will be able to access your own society mini site from within Golfshake which provides a golf news and blog system, private message board, members reports and analysis, member comparison system including private virtual leaderboard and administration options.

The administration options allow you to contact all your society members, invite users to join, run society managed accounts, create leaderboards and create society news.

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