Adding and Deleting Group Rounds


Premium and Platinum members of are able to add rounds for their buddies or golf society members.  This is done via 3 scenarios:

1. Another member giving them rights to add rounds on their behalf via the Tools section

2. A member creating 'managed accounts' via the Tools section

3. Or society organisers creating 'managed account's from within the admin section of their society/group

Assuming rounds are not required to be tracked within the competition/event system then simply use the following steps to add rounds for other accounts you control.

Adding Rounds for friends via Score Tracker Add Round Wizard

  1. Login to
  2. Access the score tracker section
  3. Click the add round option
  4. Select the player who you control from the Player A drop down box, highlighted below
  5. Add the scores
  6. Rounds and handicaps can be managed from the Society admin area of the Tools section, for non society organisers.

Delete Groups Rounds

To delete a members round view your society managed accounts from the view all members box in the Group Admin section, shown below.

You will see a config icon  for maintenance and from there you can then view your members rounds and delete a round.

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