Administration of a Group Event

Event modification & administration

Once you have created your event additional options are available from the event admin of the individual event:

  • Add Players - add existing group members to an event
  • Registered Players - approve & delete players already assigned to an event
  • Assign Groups -  (this is required before you can add scores, see below)
  • Scoring - score entry, results & handicap updates (see below for more information)
  • Docs - update any event information for rules etc
  • PM - send a private message to the Golfshake members registered to the event
  • Admin - access reports and CSV data backup
    • report for players, groups and tee times
    • report for post event results and score

Assigning Players to Groups

Players already assigned to groups are listed on the right.  Players not assigned to a group are listed on the left hand 'selection' window.

IMPORTANT: to update with 'save group' when you modify any group from the 'group' window




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