Add Scores and Results to an Event

Scoring, Handicaps, & Results

Once all players are assigned to your group you can add the scores. The scoring admin page will provide details on any player not assigned to a group or with an incomplete round.

The top information provides the link to add scores as well as providing information on the event status for missing rounds or incomplete rounds ie players without full scores added.


Scoring Entry

The Score Entry page allows you to enter all scores in one go.  Players can play off different tees and the SSS/CSS can be altered for each player for mixed competitions.


Complete Event Results Update

The main Admin Scoring provides the following option once the event is complete:

  • Event results
  • Option to update handicaps from results
  • Option to assign leaderboard points from results, the full leaderboard is update via the admin system
  • Quick snapshot of the event scores for each player, click +


Results & Stats

From the main events page, outside of the Admin page, the Scores/Leaderboard provides full results as well as a break down of scores and stats and eclectic event results.


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