Updating Golf course data within the app

Golf courses and scorecards are updating frequently and at Golfshake we work hard to ensure we have accurate and up to date information.  The website will always provide access to the latest data and the app is set so that background refreshes are done to sync the latest golf course data for downloaded courses on the app. However, the app background refresh is sporadic and not something we are able to force a push update.

Therefore to force so that the tee/score card is immediately available then simply access the course page from within the app, search and click on the course to view, from there view the score cards and then do a swipe/pull down to force a course data refresh. The score card/tee will then update and will then be available to use from within the round set-up page.

Additionally updates can be down via the Download Courses option from the Tools page. More info here.


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