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Looking for a Handicap for use in an Official Open Competition or Event?

Golfshake provide a 'recognised' golf handicap which will be accepted by the majority of golf courses as proof of your playing ability and social handicap.

'Official' handicaps are generally accepted to be those issued according to CONGU rules and for which only affiliated golf clubs can provide. No online service can provide what is deemed as an 'Official' handicap and this can only be obtained by being a member of a golf club affiliated to the national unions and then by playing in regular official golf club competitions.

Get a Golf Handicap Online With Golfshake

If you are looking to play in Open event then we always recommend that you contact the course to confirm that our handicap is suitable before you book a tee time. However by design Open events are for visiting golf club members so these will generally stipulate 'Official' CONGU club handicaps only. For any other event such as Open days, Charity events and society competitions then please check with the event organiser.

Further information on how we calculate handicaps can be found here.

Our handicap is widely accepted and if you need proof of your social handicap and playing ability for access to a course overseas or a course such as the Old Course at St Andrews with handicap restrictions for a general round of golf then generally our handicap will be fine for this purpose.

The following is a list from 2010 of courses accepting the Golfshake handicap:

Will Clubs Accept the Golfshake Handicap

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