Score Tracker Updates 22012018

This release focused on handicaps and the society system.

Handicap Updates

  • Men and women handicaps now exceed 28 and 36 respectively allowing a max handicap of 54
  • Settings for handicap allowance to 54 as now been removed due to it no longer being required
  • Initial handicaps factor in a 3 over (triple bogey) allowance to allow handicaps greater than 36
  • Handicaps over 36 allow a max nett triple bogey
    • Existing nett double bogey rule applies to handicaps below 36
  • Category 5 and 6 - these already existed on Golfshake so no updates were required

Society System Updates

  • Improved information displayed on member list pages for managed accounts and transferring players
  • Event listing page now displays game format type ie stableford, stroke play
  • Event results updated to correctly display results and order for stableford, stroke play gross, stroke play nett
    • Results additionally fed into society/group leaderboard and leaderboard scoring systems

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