Score Tracker Updates 29032018

This release focused on the analysis and visual aspects of the score tracker with a major drive towards RECORD | TRACK | ANALYSE | IMPROVE for all golfers who want to PLAY MORE | PLAY BETTER.

Score Tracker Analysis

  • Round - Snapshot report updated course images and data display, fixed issue showing FIR direction recorded from the app and resolved minor issues with bunker, sandsave, up and down and scrambling data shown in round scorecard
  • Round - Analysis report updated FIR data, FIR direction and new visual charts and graphics
  • Round - Full Round Data - increased maximum rounds to 100, updated putting data to show PPGIR and PPMGIR, added scrambling % to key stats page
  • Analysis - Dashboard removed course round data which was duplicating from Rounds - Full Round data, updated course images and data display including FIR direction, resolved data inconsistencies and simplified data presentation
  • Analyse - Course Analysis - Snapshot new data visual, updated course images and data display, updates to show FIR direction and resolve issue with FIR%
  • Analyse - Course report updated to include FIR miss direction
  • Analyse - Course Hole Analysis - new report to analyse scores and data per hole on one course including key stats, round by round scoring and score distribution
  • Analyse - Yearly Reports - Course Analysis resolved issue with data for current year
  • Analyse - Performance Trends new report to analyse scoring over hole loops ie front and back 9s, 6s and 3s
  • Analyse - Hole Length new report to highlight scoring per par based on hole yardage
  • Improve - Dashboard - page refresh removing duplicate content and focusing on handicap levels on key stats as well as benchmark performance off the tee, approach, around the green and putting
  • Improve - Data Snapshot new report highlighting data, this is old report from dashboard
  • Improve - Goals & Targets updated format and layout, new visual data charts and updates to recent round data to include sparkline data charts
  • Improve - Play Your Best resolved issues with your best data and using current year and added new visual data charts as well as resolving issues with scrambling and ppgir stats
  • Improve - Strengths & Weaknesses updated treemap heatmap and added new visualisation table to show handicap levels on key stats for individual rounds
  • Home page - new data for handicap levels benchmarks on key stats plsu feed for latest Golfshake challenges and tuition content
  • Challenge - updated page to include latest Golfshake challenge and moved awards & accolades to new page
  • General - goals & target settings page updated to allow for current targets to be easily cleared
  • General - resolved issue adding new courses to the course scorecard database
  • General - resolved player newsfeed handicap data when using the handicap recalculate tool
  • General - updated location of golf data to main profile page
  • General - updates to Golfshake academy to include latest Golfshake video content and tuition series
  • General - improved user interface for golfer message system
  • General - resolved text issue when viewing USGA handicap report

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