Score Tracker Updates 29042018

This release focused on minor bug fixes and updates to the society functionality and reporting syhstem aimed at Golf Coach and Pros.

Score Tracker Updates

  • Fixed issue with round wizard and auto calculation of points and nett on score entry page for handicaps > 36
  • Player list selection update to list in Alphabetic order
  • Resolved issues with data displayed within virtual leaderboard
  • Tidied up display of data within virtual leaderboard
  • Birdie challenge updated to include hole difficulty
  • Course analysis and course hole analysis updated to include hole difficulty
  • Analysis dashboard defaults to last 10 rounds
  • Fixed data display issue for some users on the Birdie Challenge
  • Resolved issues with data on 'Play Your Best' for 3 Putt % and Penalties
  • Updates to lists and ordering of menu items for; Analyse, Improve, Challenge
  • Updated data display on add 'managed account'
  • Resolved issue when viewing scorecard from +Round page
  • Resolved issue with Low Score
  • Resolved issue with display name on message system
  • Resolved issue during round wizard for adding new tee/scorecard
  • Resolved issue with incorrect links from dashboard page to reports pages

Society and Group Updates

  • Updated admin reports for Golf Pros & Coaches to utilise recent updates for their players.  Access via Groups.
  • Updated reports and analysis to match recent score tracker updates
  • Admin - Report - Overview - added round selector to set number of rounds for data
  • Admin - Report - Overview - updates and refresh to visual data
  • Admin - Report - Snapshot - updated to include handicap benchmark levels
  • Admin - Report - Snapshot - updates data to include target diffs
  • Admin - Report - Targets - updates and refreshes to visual data and trends
  • Admin - Report - OTT, Approacjh, ATG, Putting - updates to displayed graph data
  • Admin - Report - Trends - New report showing hcp level, benchmarks and performance scoring
  • Resolved issues with data and formatting on Stats pages
  • Resolved issues with data and formatting on Virtual Leaderboard page
  • Updated data display on add group 'managed account'
  • Added link & explanations for transferring 'non group' managed accounts to a group
  • Resolve issues with 'Create Event' image navigation menu
  • Admin page updates to include notes, help and explanations
  • Admin - Settings - Access page updates to improve options and explanations
  • Admin - Settings - Layout page updates to improve options and explanations
  • Resolve issue with data display & links in leader boards
  • Tidy up of info on Event - Admin - Scoring page
  • Fixed event nett scoring results listing issue.  Still to resolve countback

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