Leaderboard Options and Administration

The group system provides a comprehensive event system to run your group, society or leagues games online along with additional leaderboard management: Admin > Comps/Events > Leaderboards

Leaderboards can be created to run a series of events, with results from individual events combining, to provide an overall leaderboard.  Only 1 leaderboard can be assigned per event but multiple events can be assigned to a leaderboard which provides an overall results table.

Leaderboard administration allows setting of the scoring system with points allocated per event from 7 scoring systems from simple stableford scores, to industry leading Gtour score point system.  Leaderboards can also be based on X number of results from all the events, rather than just all results allowing for best 3 scores from 10 events etc.

You can run as many leaderboards as you want allowing for individual leaderboards for weekend events, midweek meetups and even golf trips.

Remember: Post event the leader board points must be udpated from the admin system.

To set up a leaderboard and add current events to the leaderboard please follow the following steps:
Step 1: Go to the group and the group admin area and then create a leaderboard with the scoring system you require
Step 2: View and edit you previous events and on the edit page you should be able to assign to the leaderboard created above.
Step 3: Within the event edit/admin go to the scoring page and check and submit the button to run the leaderboard points update  - this will assign the leaderboard points for that particular event.
Step 4: repeat step 3 and 4 above for each event
Step 5: go to the admin area again and the leaderboard link and then run the leaderboard points update - this will update the overall leaderboard based on the events in steps 2 - 5

Group leaderboards


Leader board Scoring systems

Important Note - You can set the number of rounds to include in a leaderboard from the options above this allow best x of x rounds.

Stableford Point Total (default)
Combined stableford points from competition rounds added.

Stableford Point Average
Average stableford points from competition rounds added. complex (1)
Competition Players * 2.5 / Finishing position.

Simple count down (10,9,8 etc)
10 points for 1st, 9 for 2nd, 8 for 3rd .... 2 for 9th, 1 for 10th and 1 point for everyone else who competed.

Complex count down (based on entrants with 1st, 2nd, 3rd bonus) (2)
Points allocated for number of entrants ie competition of 14 would be 14 points for 1st, 13 for 2nd .... 1 for 14th. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd places would be awarded 100%, 50% and 25% bonus points respectively which would be 1st = 28, 2nd = 19.5, 3rd = 15.

Complex [bonus] count down (based on entrants with 1st, 2nd, 3rd bonus, plus additional bonus) (3)
As above but bonus points awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd of 200%, 100% and 50% which in the above scenario would be 1st = 42, 2nd = 26, 3rd = 18.

Gtour Scoring System
A weighted points system based on finishing position and attendees.
Places 1 to 10: ((100 - (position x 5)) x (attendees + 20)
Places 11+: ((60 - (position)) x (attendees + 20)
Places 60+: Negative points.


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