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What is a Managed Account?

Are you looking to track scores and handicaps for your golf mates, fourballs or society?

The Managed Account system allows you to track scores for people you know who may not wish to log in to Golfshake and have a full Golfshake account.  A Managed Account is an online virtual account which you control and manage adding scores on their behalf, Golfshake will provide the same handicap functionality.  

Managed Accounts are created from your My Game section or from within a Golf Group.   Using the Group/Society system allows you to then add them to a competition and maintain society results and scores, more information can be found here.

How to set up a Managed Account

To set up a new Managed Account access the My Game section and then Tools.   The Managed Account link will allow you to create new accounts, view accounts, administer accounts and access a PDF handicap report for the players that you control.


How to add rounds for a managed account

Start by adding a round as you would normally. Choose the scorecard you are adding your round against and click on "Add Round". On the scorecard you will see your name (shown as Helen Bailey below), click on the down arrow to the right of your name and your list of managed accounts will drop down. Click on the name you want to add the round for and continue to fill in the scorecard as you would your own and click submit.

Accessing Handicap Reports and History for Managed Accounts

The Golfshake system provides access to basic stats and data for Managed Accounts, additionally for Premium members the Managed Account pages provides a link to download a print friendly PDF report showing all the accounts you manage and round and handicap history.  For further in-depth stats and analysis we recommend creating a Group.  Read more here.


How to delete a round for a managed account or alter handicaps

Simply access your Managed Account via My Golfshake > Tools > Managed Accounts - then click on the 'View/Edit Player' from here you can view rounds, adjust handicaps and update the player information.





Adding a Managed Account to a Group or convert a Managed Account to a full account

To convert a Managed Account to a full Golfshake member account this is done via the Group system at this time and the Managed Account will need to be transferred to the Group first.your group member will need a current e-mail address.

The following article provides information on Transferring a Managed Account to a Group and also converting a Group Managed Account to a full account. Read more here.


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