Creating a Group Event

The group system provides a comprehensive event system to run your group, society or league games online. Events are created by administrators via the events page or from the admin part of the site

Admin > Comps/Events > Create Comp

Options available include:

Event creation

Creating events goes through a simple 4 step process.

Step 1

  • Game title - name of your event ie 2013 Round 1
  • Club/course - required to allow score and tee/score card selection
  • Event date - required for the start date of your event
  • Date to - ignore (future option for multi game evetnts ie trips/multi round)
  • Public game - allow non group members to join your event
  • Multi Game event - ignore (future feature coming soon ie trips/multi round)


Step 2

  • Tee time - assign first tee time (helps assign group times & sunrise/sunset estimates)
  • Cost - event cost
  • Format - stableford, stroke etc
  • Game Type - social game, society game
  • Leaderboard - assign event leaderboard if tracked as part of a multi event series
  • Set Default Tee - set default player tee/scorecard improves score card entry
  • Max Players & Max Handicap - options to set max players or max handicap
  • Overview - 140 character event overview


Step 3

  • Add players
    • select existing group members to play in the event (note use of SHIFT/CTRL to select multiple players)
    • auto assignment of groups using option at the bottom

Step 4

  • Invite Golfshake members (only available for public events)





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